Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011

Ok..only 1 1/2 months behind in this...
We have been pretty busy though...

Amelia Pearl was born on April 26th at 3:56pm 7lb 7oz 18 in long
2 weeks early, just like her brother.

The delivery was even easier than her brother. On my first push, the nurse only counted to 8 then she told me to stop, because Amelia was right there..I started to laugh because it reminded me of Tait's delivery...she then told me to stop laughing because that was basically pushing....My dr was right outside the room, so the nurse called for her, she ran in, threw her scrubs on, and told me to give her another little push...and here she was!
I am afraid that if we were to have a 3rd child, that one might just fall out!

Tait isn't too comfortable with her yet. He loves her..because when he goes to bed every night he gives her a hug and kiss, on his own. He also thanks God for her in his prayers. But he doesn't want to hold her. And getting a picture of the 2 together has been pretty much impossible.

Fast forward to today...May 26th
Amelia is 1 month old.
You know how you always hear parents say, "You never think you can love a second child as much as the first...but when that second one finally comes along, you do" But its so true! I love both of my kids so much!! God is so amazing at putting families together. I am still in awe of our beautiful kiddos, and even though some days are rough, I can't imagine life without them!