Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day #11 of 25 days of Christmas

Sorry for no post yesterday.
We went over to the Bungard's to decorate cookies with Kellie, and Nikki's kids.
I..having the wonderful "baby brain" that I have, left the memory card to my
camera in the laptop at home..rrrrr.
We made some Christmas goodies at Grammy's house. We made 3 different kinds..we would have made more..but mom and I talked for a long time instead of starting on the cookies right we will have to get together again to make more.
Tait had fun helping! ...and eating the chocolate..between christmas cookie decorating lastnight, Ava's birthday cake/ice cream, and today's cookie making..Tait has had more sweets in the past 2 days than he has had in his 2 years of life!

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