Monday, December 13, 2010

Day #12 of 25 days of Christmas

blogger won't upload my photos from last night...

Yeah! Got them to upload finally!
Sunday night we went to our Church's Christmas Musical. It was very good! Best one yet!
Tait LOVED it...he loves anything to do with music and dancing..this had both! He sat across
the aisle from us with Dave and Susan Thurman, one of the ministers and his wife...I could hear
him say things every once in a while...especially when the live donkey came out for Mary to ride off on...He kept saying "eeaawww, eeaawww."They had candles up there at one point...and he yelled out "Hot!" The boy cracks me up! He did really well though...the musical kept his attention for the whole 2 hours!
Here is a couple pictures of our friend Angela, and Aunt Pat who were both in the musical.

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