Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day #7 of 25 days of Christmas Blogger wouldn't upload my photos again last night..I have better luck in the morning I guess...

Day #7 of 25....We got Christmas cards ready to send out. I was excited to do these kinds of cards this year...In the past I have made the cards myself...This year I had a really good coupon for snapfish and decided to try it. We used the photos from our fall photo shoot this year..only bad thing is I have to hope my mom doesn't see these cards at any family or friends houses...The photo shoot is her Christmas present..My brother joined us..he is actually really in that top photo in the card...I just cut him out :) My mom hasn't had a picture of my brother and I for over 10 I thought it would make a great gift..anyway..getting off subject.
Tait didn't help much..he did hand me the cards, but I put in How the Grinch Stole Christmas for him to watch while I finished the cards :)

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