Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day #4 of 25 days of Christmas

Day #4 of 25 days of Christmas we attended Eli Lilly's Childrens Christmas party at the Childrens museum. They go all out! They rent out the entire museum..everything is open except for the theater and planitarium. We were able to go because our Aunt who retired from Lilly's a couple years ago is on the board for the Lilly employee we get to go for free :)
I went to this YEARS ago and helped her..a couple years dressing up as an elf for the santa clause part...even dragging along my best friend Melissa to help :) funny...I saw her kids there tonight..They were there with their aunt Joyce and Uncle Dave because Dave works at Lilly. Great memories! And its kind of neat that I got to bring Tait to this since I went when I was younger.
We had a great time...however Tait did NOT like Santa...see photo below :)

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